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szamos kid shoes logo

Szamos is a kids shoe manufacturer that specializes in designing shoes for growing feet. Their manufacturing takes place in the eastern part of Hungary, where they use the best quality leather in their manufacturing process. With styles to choose from, Szamos has the perfect fit for your little one's active lifestyle! Their designs are comfortable and stylish, making them ideal for every occasion. Plus, their materials are durable and designed to last - so you know you're getting quality footwear when you buy Szamos!

Szamos shoes are the perfect choice for your active little one! Not only do they look stylish and come in a variety of designs, but their genuine leather construction makes them incredibly durable and breathable. Whether you're running around at the park or out to dinner with family, Szamos shoes will stand up to whatever your kids throw at them - keeping them safe and comfortable all day long! Plus, with their superior quality, you can be sure that your children's footwear will last through multiple growth spurts and countless adventures.

Sizes go all the way up to EU40, these shoes will even fit adult feet. 


logo of D.D. Step shoes

D.D. Step is a very popular Hungarian manufacturer of kids shoes. The company is dedicated to creating footwear that serves as the basis of healthy development of your children’s feet. The shoes are not only fashionable following the latest trends but also anatomically correct providing the comfort that will make each child happy.

During the manufactoring process D.D. Step combines the latest technology with classic artistic hand-made technics. Most of the shoes are being made using the “3D stitching” technology which helps to minimize the amount of glue needed.

The manufacturer uses the highest quality materials for its footwear. The use of natural rubber for the sole of the shoes provides durability without comprimising flexibility and traction, and also keeps the shoes extremely light.

The genuine leather upper of each and every shoe is made of the highest quality cow hide utilizing only the parts with the appropriate thickness.

The reinforced toe-cap provides enough room for the child’s toes to develop properly as well as gives the shoe extra durability. The heel counter consists of plastic reinforcement that is hidden between the upper and the inner lining providing support by holding the foot at the perfect angle without ever getting in direct contact with it while each part that does such as the inner lining and the cover of the insole are made of 100% natural leather.

D.D. Step also focuses on making the manufacturing process environmentally friendly. In addition to the above mentioned 3D stitching technology, all the boxes and packing materials are made of 100% recycled paper making these products extremely “green”.


logo of Ponte20 supinated shoes

The Ponte 20 brand is manufactured by the same company as D.D. Step following the same high standards and quality requirements during the manufacturing process. These shoes are produced with the use of the same materials and similar design elements as D.D. Step.

The only feature that makes Ponte 20 special is that these supinated shoes are made to prevent children’s feet from developing over-pronation which could be the cause of flatfoot.

The inner edge of the sole is slightly tilted to prevent the child’s heel from leaning inward and the toe-cap provides extra room for the toes to move freely. These are not orthopedic shoes, however it is recommended for children who are prone to developing over-pronated feet. The extra padding is built in the outer sole of the shoes therefore it is not noticeable and they look just as trendy and fashionable as regular shoes.