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Our Mission

Being a parent makes us face a lot of challenges and one of the biggest ones is finding the right pair of footwear for our little ones. Choosing proper kids shoes is extremely important because it plays a critical role in our children’s musculoskeletal development including their posture.
picture of julia, owner of tinyshoes with her son playing outsideMy name is Julia, the owner of TinyShoes, our family run business in New Westminster, BC.
Since my toddler son, Oscar started walking I have always been on the hunt for the right kind of shoes for him because I understand the utmost importance of wearing the proper pair of shoes at this early age. I’ve had a very hard time finding what I was looking for in local shoe stores. Most stores carry poor quality shoes that are not only unhealthy to wear but are made of cheap materials and wear out extremely fast.
Even if I find something that meets my standards, the selection is painfully low and the prices are high. Hearing the experience of a lot of friends, I realized that I am not the only one with the same problem.

What is considered healthy footwear for children?

The right pair of shoes:
  • is made of firm material at the heels,
  • provides arch support,
  • is flexible and bends at the ball of the foot only, not in the middle,
  • is made of natural, breathing material such as genuine leather to keep your child’s feet cooler helping to prevent blisters, discomfort and smelly shoes.

During my time spent in Europe I came to realize that kid shoe stores have an outstanding selection of high quality children’s footwear that meets all the above requirements. My mission became clear: to give North American parents easy access to a great selection of premium quality shoes, boots and sandals for their precious little ones and to help them find the right fit.
I strongly believe that our children deserve the best footwear that makes them healthy and happy.

Premium Quality. European import. Delivered to your door.