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Ponte20 little kid girl supinated insulated boots pink with orange stripe and flowers size US 6-10

$50 CAD
by Ponte20
SKU: DA03-1-19B-22

Premium quality supinated, insulated boots with genuine leather lining and upper in pink with orange stripe and flowers. Ponte20 is an industry leader in manufacturing specially designed shoes to help prevent the child's feet from developing over-pronation. The sole of the shoe is specially designed with a slight outward tilt (supination) which is proven to help children who are susceptible to develop common issues like flat feet and fallen arch. Features:

  • Built-in supination for prevention of flatfoot
  • Extra room for toes
  • Faux-fur lining for insulation
  • High top provides extra support for the ankle
  • Padded heel liner for extra comfort
  • Double velcro straps ensure a snug fit
  • Sturdy heel counter, perfect for supporting first steps
  • Reinforced toe cap for durability
  • Flexible sole at the ball of the foot
  • Cute design that your child will love

Ponte20 is a leading Hungarian brand specialized in manufacturing high quality, supinated, genuine leather children’s footwear. Each shoe has a unique design and is made with extreme attention to details. The shoe box is made from 100% recycled paper saving hundreds of trees every year and minimizing the environmental impact of the manufacturing process.

The following instructions will help you choose the right size.

1. Have your child stand on a sheet of paper with full weight on the feet.

2. Draw the contour of one foot while holding the pencil vertically.

3. Repeat the previous step with the other foot.

4. Measure the length of each foot with a measuring tape and make note of the length of the larger foot.

5. Find the right shoe size by consulting our sizing chart.

*Always go with the bigger size when in between sizes or when in doubt.

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